Basketball Legends Unblocked

Basketball Legends is a really interesting and addictive flash game. If you love playing or watching basketball games, I am sure you will spend a lot of great time at our website playing the Basketball Legends Unblocked. For those who have never played this game before I will give several advice. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose where to store Save files. You can store them either online by registering a free account or at your computer. As soon as you make this choice you can start playing. There are several game modes in the game that you might like. As for me, the most addictive one is a Tournament Mode where you have to win the tournament. It is also the most difficult one because one mistake can cost you the title. You can also play a single match mode or even multiplayer.

Basketball Legends Unblocked offers you the most awesome multiplayer mode that you will ever find online. You can play against your friend from the same PC or you can play as teammates against AI in the 2vs2 Mode. It is very addictive and interesting to play together against AI. There are some other modes that you will discover ducing the game. The graphics of the game stands above the crowd - it is super. Even small detailes of the players are made very professional and good. The big variety of players and teams will definitely make you love NBA even if you didn't like it before. Check out the game controls below and start playing this awesome game right now. Don't forget to share your thoughts about it and write a review below.

Game Controls

==1st Player==

[W][A][S][D] = Move
[B] = Snatch/Action
[S] = Pump
[V] = Super-shot
[D] twice = Race fast

==2nd Player==

[Arrow key up], [left]= move
[L] = Snatch/ Action
[Arrow key down] = Bump
[K] = Super-shot
[Arrow key left twice] = Dash


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